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72 cavity PET water bottle beverage preform mould

72 Cavity Hot Runner Plastic PET Preform Mould

Usually, the multi-cavity PET preform mold does use a hot runner system instead of a cold runner system, so the design of the hot runner system plays an important role in mold quality assurance. On the basis of drawing on foreign advanced technology and combining the needs of domestic customers, we adopted a valve gate design, each cavity has its own heating zone, and the temperature is measured by an independent thermocouple. (Advantages: easy to avoid problems such as white or wire drawing. Bottom). Here, the mold is produced automatically to reduce labor.

The main parts of the mold (mold core, mold cavity, threaded neck) are manufactured by injection molding process, and made of special mold steel (German steel 2316) after pre-heat treatment in the original German factory. In this way, a long-life, high-quality mold can be used 2 million times without any maintenance, and at the same time, the wall thickness is between the maximum. Parts and minutes. The part does not exceed 0.10mm. It adopts 50# steel mold base and 718# steel slider. The mold uses imported components such as high-quality lubricating copper plates, German heater HOTSET, and German standard PID temperature controller. In addition, the turning center process ensures that each part can be well matched; the appropriate distribution of cooling water channels improves productivity, and the molding cycle is only 15 seconds (requires appropriate chillers, bottle design and injection molding machines).

  • Detailed introduction
Mould name72 cavity preform mould for PCO 1810 Neck 25g Preform
Mould cavity72 cavity
Neck finishPCO 1810 CSD Neck finish
Preform weight25g
Insert materials2316 stain steel from German
Mould bodyP20 steel material
Cycle time32 sec with general PET screw type of injection molding machine
Cycle time with two stage injection system and Post cooling system17 sec with 3 stage post cooling system
Hot runner designBalanced Hot runner with valve gate system
Suitable injection molding machinesHusky, Netstal PET line, PET Master, General PET injection molding machine


Material of preform mold

(1) The main parts of the mould are made of imported DIN 2316 materials.

(2) The mold base material is made of P20 material or No. 50 steel plating treatment, which improves the corrosion resistance of the mold and prolongs the service life of the mold.

(3) The heat treatment of the parts is processed by an imported vacuum furnace, and the hardness of the parts is guaranteed to be HRC45°-52°.

Advanced processing equipment

The company has imported processing equipment from the United States and Japan, such as machining centers, CNC lathes, EDM, etc., to ensure the machining accuracy of the parts and make the parts have good interchangeability. The product eccentricity value is ≤0.10mm (the length of the preform is within 100), The weight error is less than 0.3g. The cycle time of the 30/25 preform with 24 cavities and 16g is 18 seconds per mold, and the life span can reach 3 million molds.

Advanced detection methods

In order to ensure the quality of Chuanghong's preform mold, the company is equipped with a projector to check the size of the preform, a hardness tester for mold parts, and professional inspections for the stress detector, eccentricity detector, and high-precision electronic scale after the injection molding of the preform. equipment. The use of the above measuring equipment can ensure that our PCO1810, PCO1881, 30/25 and other standard preform calibers can reach the ISB standard.