Preform Mould


12 Cavity Wide Mouth Injection PET Can Preform Mould

Wide mouth air-sealed preform mould
name12 cavities plastic injection PET can preform mould
brandChuanghong Mould
Number of cavities12(3*4)
product materialPET
Template materialP20
Core and cavity screw materialS136
design softwareCAD, PRO-E, UG
RunnerHot runner
Part configurationDuPont chemical materials imported from the United States PET heat shield, Germany HOSTET imported heating ring, Italy imported copper nozzle, Japanese disc valve needle, brass graphite plate lubrication and other different configurations.

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Name12 cavity wide mouth preform mould
Place of OriginTaizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China (Mainland)
BrandChuanghong Mould
cavity12 (2*6)
Neck60.5mm 70mm 70mm 86mm 86mm 110mm 70mm 86mm 63mm 120mm 97mm 86mm
       120mm 120mm 120mm 122mm 120mm 148mm 62mm 71.5mm 71.5mm 71.5mm 71.5mm
Weight30g 35g 43g 43g 52g 52g 53g 65g 65g 85g 88g 90g 95g 100g 120g 160g 170g 175g 150g 175g 
Product materialPET
Template materialP20
Core materialS136
DesignCAD , PRO-E, UG
Hot runner systemHot runner
ComponentsAdopt American DuPont chemical raw materials. Imported German HOSTET original heating ring, imported Italian PCT copper nozzle,
       Japanese disc valve pin. Four axial spiral grooves. Brass graphite plate to ensure good lubrication effect, etc.